Cheap way to experience food culture: Depa-chika(デパ地下)

By Yoshi, November 7, 2010

What does ”Depa-chika” stand for?

Depa-chika (デパ地下) is short for “department (デパート)’s basement (地下,ちか)”.
Many departments have a food floor on the basement.
So “Depa-chika” means Department store food floors.

There are a lot of shops (sweet, Sushi, Riceball, Yakitori etc.). Each shop has a booth. it’s like a shopping street, rather than aisles like a supermarket.

You can have fun to just watch plenty of foods! At some booths, cooks are making dishes they are selling. You can see dishes Japanese people eat every day and how to make them.

And my favorite is “tasting samples”! Some shops are preparing them for us!
Even if you don’t know what they are, don’t hesitate! Just try them! :)