Yanesen area vol.2: Old and New

By Yoshi, December 7, 2010

Yanaka (やなか, 谷中), Nezu (ねず, 根津), Sendagi (せんだぎ, 千駄木) area, called “Yanesen (やねせん, 谷根千)” is very good at walking around. (Check “Yanesen area vol.1″ as well :)

This area didn’t have a large city development,
therefore we still can see old houses & stores in this area.



Shops at Yanaka ginza shopping street are selling food, it might be good to eat while walking around.



Stairs at Yanaka ginza shopping street is called “Yuyake-dandan” (ゆうやけだんだん), and it is said that we can see a nice sunset with historical townscape.

Recently, there are many nice shops renovated old houses, such as cafes, stores, galleries in this area.



SCAI THE BATH HOUSE is a contemporary art gallery renovated a public bath with a 200-year history. This gallery opens Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 19:00. www.scaithebathhouse.com


Feel old and new Japan in “Yanesen” Area!