New Vending Machines in Tokyo

By Yoshi, January 5, 2011

You can see a lot of vending machines throughout Japan.




* We need ID card called “Tasupo” to get cigarettes from vending machines.
So many vending machines, but I seldom see “sold out”.
Great distribution system, isn’t it?
Canned coffee are popular in Japan.

And in winter, we can have hot drinks from vending machines.
Drinks put blue labels are cold drinks, red ones are hot.

”cold” is “tsumetai” (つめたい, 冷たい), “hot” is “atatakai” (あたたかい, 温かい) in Japanese, they are for foods & drinks. when we feel cold, we say “samui” (さむい, 寒い), we feel hot, we say “atsui” (あつい, 暑い) :)
And I’ve found a new vending machine that has a very big screen in Shibuya station.
There is no samples, just pictures and we touch the screen to choose a drink.


We can use IC card, mobile wallet called “Osaifu keitai” (おサイフケイタイ) or money to get a drink from this vending machine.
Ok, let’s get a drink from this machine! I took a video with my colleague, Asami :)

There are more interesting vending machines in Japan,
I’ll write more next :)