Japan Restaurant Guide on the web

By Yoshi, January 10, 2011

When we Japanese have a party at restaurants, we sometimes use sites for searching a good place. These sites are called “gourmet sites” (グルメサイト, ぐるめさいと) in Japan.

Guru-navi” (ぐるなび), short for “gourmet navigation” is a site, we can search good restaurant by locations, food, price. And each restaurant has useful coupons (ex one free beer, 10% off) or special deals (ex all-you-can-drink for 2 hours). This site has multilingual pages although it has less information than japanese pages.

[Guru-nabi] www.gnavi.co.jp/


Recently “tabe-log” is quite popular for Japanese. it’s also a kind of “gourmet sites”, but customers post their comments and rank the price, food, atmosphere of restaurants.
Unfortunately, it’s written in Japanese only, but we can find popular restaurants :)
[Tabe-log] http://tabelog.com/

posts about a restaurant by customers
And I’ve found a unique gourmet site.
It’s “kanban-Musume“. “Musume” means “daughter” or “young lady,” or just “girl.” So kanban musume means “poster girl” of shops/restaurants. This site feature female staff of restaurants. Each restaurant information page has the girl’s profile! And we can recommend girls on this site as well. They have a sister site that futures kfemale staff of restaurants. Its name is “Kanban-danshi“.
[Kanban-musume] http://k-musume.jp/

[Kanban-danshi] http://k-danshi.jp/

Which site will you use for searching a restaurant?
Anyway, I hope you find a good restaurant :)