New “Haneda International terminal”

By Yoshi, January 12, 2011

We have 2 airports in Tokyo Area. One is “Narita” and the other is “Haneda”. “Narita” airport handles the vast majority of international flights and “Haneda” handles almost all domestic flights to and from Tokyo. But recently “Haneda” shares that role with “Narita” International airport. Therefore “Haneda” made a new International terminal last October, 2010.
I’ll introduce this new terminal today!
New departure terminal is bigger and more convenient!

There is ”Edo market place” reproduced “Edo period streets” on 4th floor, we can enjoy restaurants and shopping.


There are many Japanese restaurants like Sushi boat, needles, ramen etc.


Not only Japanese foods also Pizza and French restaurants!

How about enjoying last-minute shopping? There are quite nice shops to buy gift for your family :)

If you have much time until you have your flight, you might enjoy “car racing” at “Hakuhin-kan Racing park”, “Hot Zone” of “Tokyo Pop town” on 5th floor.


At this “Hot Zone”, there is a “”Hello Kitty” shop as well :)

”Hello Kitty” pancake are being made and sold there. if you are “Hello Kitty” lover, dont miss it :)

At “Cool Zone”, there is a planetarium. It might be good to relax until you have your flight.

“Haneda” Airport is closer to center of tokyo than “Narita” International airport. Although the number of cities that Haneda Airport International Terminal offers flights to is 16 cities, it will be more. Hope more convenient for visiting Tokyo :)