Nice Origami kits

By Yoshi, January 13, 2011

I wrote about origami, the traditional Japanese folk paper art before.

I found nice origami kits at a “Itoya” branch, Haneda International terminal.

One is “Airplane Origami “, the other is “Sushi boats Origami”.
Each sheet has lines that we fold, therefore easy to make them!


“Airplane Origami” has advertising slogan “good-flying”. And I tried :)

Ya, they are very good-flying paper airplanes, it might be a good gift for kids.
And I made Sushi Origami as well.


I know you love real sushi more than Origami’s.
But nice, isn’t it?

“Itoya” is one of biggest stationery stores in Tokyo. The central branch has 9 floors is located in Ginza. Although there are not only Japanese products but also imported stationery, you can find nice Japanese cards and Japanese goods. Visiting Ginza, please come by the store.
Itoya Ginza www.timeout.jp/en/tokyo/venue/526