Japanese Lesson 1: What is a similarity?

By Yoshi, January 20, 2011

Today I have some questions about Japanese for you!
What do you think is a similarity between these photos?

“Candy” and “Rain”
Second one!

“Bridge” and “Chopsticks”
The last!

“Japanese persimmon” and “Oyster”
Easy? You know the answer?!
The answer is “homonym” in Japanese.
Although they has difference in intonation and Kanji (Chinese Character),
they use same characters in Hiragana, Katakana Character.

”Candy” and “Rain” are “Ame” (あめ).
In Kanji, Candy is “飴”, Rain is “雨”, tho.

“Bridge” and “Chopsticks” are “Hashi” (はし) in Japanese.
in Kanji, Bridge is “橋”, Chopsticks is “箸”.
“Japanese persimmon” and “Oyster” are “kaki” (かき).
In Kanji, Japanese persimmon is “柿”, Oyster is “牡蠣”.
Others are
“Hair”, “paper” and “God” = “Kami” (かみ),
“sea”, “pus” = “Umi” (うみ),
“White” and “castle” = “Shiro” (しろ) etc.
If you are learning Japanese,
kill two birds with one stone, isn’t it? :)