Plastic umbrellas & plastic bags for umbrellas!

By Yoshi, June 3, 2011

The rainy season, known as Tsuyu(つゆ, 梅雨) in Japan, has begun in Tokyo.
Not every day, but we have many rainy days for about 1 month.

An umbrella is “Kasa” (かさ, 傘) in Japanese. Today’s topic is this “Kasa” !
I think Japanese people hate getting wet more than other nationalities. People bring umbrellas with them on rainy days and just in case it rains.

Folding umbrellas in Japan are getting so small and light. You know, we love “compact” products and they are good for bringing all day. Mine is just 148g! :)

And you can see a lot of plastic umbrellas called “Bini-gaza” (ビニール傘, ビニールがさ) at discount stores / continence stores, they are very cheap, around 100~300yen. Many people buy them when it suddenly rains.


I don’t like buying it and feel it’s a kind of waste because we see many plastic umbrellas left at office /schools etc.

And when you enter buildings (mainly stores) with a wet umbrella, you will find this kind of things.

It’s a common sight in Japan. They are “umbrella plastic bags” to prevent floors from wet and slippery.
At the entrance, just pick up one of this long plastic bags and slip your umbrella in before you enter, And when you leave a building, just throw it away.

This is a kind of waste as well. I often use plastic bags someone threw away ;)

Recently new way instead of using plastic bags, just get rid of water from umbrellas, can be found sometimes. hope it becomes common more! Anyway they are very “Japanese” ;)