Useful? Useless? Japanese Products

By Yoshi, October 24, 2011

Do you like Japanese products? They are produced by industriousness of Japanese and supported by our mass consumer society :) We always try to find more comfortable products and life. That’s why that many new products are always produced. Some of them are very useful, but some are very useless and unique.

Today I’ll introduce some “Useful? Useless? Products in Japan”.
Popping Bubble packing “Puchi-puchi” (プチプチ)

It might be a past habit, many people like popping “Bubble packing”, it is very addictive, isn’t it?

A company made this “Puchi-puchi”. We can enjoy popping it unlimitedly.
Since Its introduction, this product has sold 250 million units.
Girlfriend’s lap pillow

This product is made from materials like real girl’s body & skin. It’s a good for relaxing, and it seems that it’s popular among men in 30’s – 60’s. Girls, Here you go. “Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow” ;)
Am not sure that they are popular, many Japanese feel lonely and need to relax…. ?!
Money Box by witch everyone would like saving money. “Jinsei Ginko” (人生銀行) means “life bank”.

We set how much & by when we save. The more we save, the more the person in this screen changes his/her life. Job-searching & poor → career success & rich etc.
80% of users succeed saving, and their average saving is “50 thousands yen”. Not bad, is it?
And I introduce some stuffs I bought recently.
First, “チン!してシャカシャカ チップス”. It’s a good for making chips by microwave.


Sliced potato and set them to the utensil and microwave it. that’s it!

We can enjoy fresh chips easily and it’s not deep fried, so healthy!
Next is Handy Beer Server “Beer Hour”.

In Japan, most of beers sold in stores are “canned beer”. They are ok, but fresh beers from beer servers are much better than canned beer. This product makes a beer head easily.
Nice beer head, isn’t it? :)

Well, you like such “Useful? Useless? Products”?
If you like it, please visit “Tokyu Hands”. It’s a Japanese department, focuses on hobby, home improvement and lifestyle products. They have wide variety of goods.


You can find this kind of “useful useless products” here :)
If you are not interested in these products I introduced, “Tokyu hands”is a must-visit store tho ;)