Inogashira Park, Kichijoji

By Yoshi, November 4, 2010

Kichijoji is one of the most popular towns in Tokyo.

Why is Kichijoji so popular?
One of the reasons is good for shopping.
There are not only department stores but also a lot of shops, cafes on streets.
You would find your favorite shop in Kichijoji.

Well, another reason is “Inogashira Park”.

Inogashira Park is just 5 min. walk from Kichijoji station.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring, shining bright greens in the summer, red leaves in the autumn & migratory birds in the winter. Especially cherry blossoms in this park are awesome!! So many people visit there for cherry blossoms.

On weekends, they have “Art Market” in the park.
How about enjoy walking in the park and the market?

To kichijoji station, take JR Chuo Line (Orange Line).
Approx. 15 min. from Shinjuku station.