Nakano Broadway: Another Otaku Heaven

By Yoshi, November 4, 2010

Where is “Otaku Heaven” in Tokyo?

Of course Akihabara is a very famous “Otaku Heaven”.
But we have another heaven in Tokyo.
It’s….. “Nakano Broadway”!

Nakano Broadway is near Nakano station (Just 1 station from Shinjuku on JR Chuo Line (Orange Line)). Outside Nakano station North exit, you can see a shopping arcade.
This arcade leads up to Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway has 4 floors where the second and third are filled with manga, idol posters, figurines and a ton of other otaku gear.
It seems that you will find rare stuff here rather than Akihabara :)

Experience “Japanese deep Otaku world” @ Nakano Broadway!
Oops, I wanna buy a “ONE PIECE” figurine!