Old Lady “Maid cafe”?!

By Yoshi, November 15, 2010

As you know, Maid cafes (メイドカフェ) are cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan.
Waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants,
and treat customers as masters in a private home.

Welcome home, my master☆
something like that…
I found an article on a paper.

Old Lady Maid cafe “Cafe Rottenmeier” is open in Ikebukuro for an only limited time.
(On Saturday, Sunday & public holidays in November, 2010)

It’s written that these old waitresses are not old, they just make up to look older.

A new weird business, again?
No, no… it’s not.

It’ a kind of performing art in a festival “Performing Arts Festival launching from Tokyo” hold in Ikebukuro. The director, “Miwa Yanagi”, says that It’s a kind of expression, against a Japanese culture, “lionizing youth too much”.
Hmm… you wanna try?