Ways to stay warm in winter

By Yoshi, November 27, 2010

It’s getting colder in Tokyo,
but we have good stuffs to stay warm in winter :)

The first one is “Hokkairo” (ほっかいろ, ホッカイロ), small pouch that contains hemicals that heat up when exposed to Oxygen in the air. “Hokkairo” is not expensive (less than 100 yen per packet) and provide up to 8~24 hours of continuous heat. We can put it in a jacket pocket. And we have some “Hokkairo” to be placed in shoes to keep your toes warm. Some also came with an adhesive backing so that they can be placed on your back under a jacket.

We can get “Hokkairo” at convenient stores or drugstores. (Buying it at drugstores is much cheaper than at convenient stores)


The second is “HEATTECH”, a product name of “UNIQLO”. “UNICLO” started selling thermal underwear named “HEATTECH” in 2006. It has remained very popular among Japanese people since its launch. Recently, “UNIQLO” sells not only thermal underwear but also thermal socks, jackets etc..
And colorful wool underwear is popular among young girls.

Winter dishes also keep us warm!

Stay warm and enjoy winter in Japan!