Old Lady “Maid cafe”?!

As you know, Maid cafes (メイドカフェ) are cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. Waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants, and treat customers as masters in a private home. ”お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様〜☆” Welcome home, my master☆ something like that…     I found an article on a paper.   Old Lady Maid cafe “Cafe Rottenmeier” is […]


Try your luck! Omikuji (おみくじ)

Asakusa is a very famous sight-seeing place in Tokyo, a traditional downtown. There is a big temple named “Senso-ji”. Going through the gate, “Kaminari-mon”, there are a lot of souvenir shops selling goods and sweets. After praying at Senso-ji, how about drawing “Omikuji”, personal fortunes? Omikuji is a Japanese paper fortune which can be obtained […]


Love taking a bath Vol.2: Planetarium in bathroom.

In “Love taking a bath Vol.1: Onsen at home“, I introduced “Bath Powder”. This time, I’ll introduce one more product for taking a bath, my favorite one! This is “Planetarium in the bathroom”, a planetarium that paints the room with stars. We can enjoy night sky with taking a bath, like outdoor hot spring bath! […]


Love taking a bath Vol.1: Onsen at home.

Japanese love taking a bath. Why we like it? It’s said that… – We have a lot of “Onsen”(Hot springs), more than 25 thousands, throughout Japan. It’s an old custom that taking a bath (going to Onsen) for cure of disease, because it’s said that “Onsen” has benefits – good for our skin, cardiac illness, […]


Why “Tanuki” Raccoon Dog Figures?

We could see “Raccoon Dog” figures in front of some shops and houses in Japan. What are they for? They are a kind of charm. “Tanuki(たぬき)” has two meaning. one is “Japanese raccoon dog”, the other ( is short for “Ta wo nuku(たをぬく,他を抜く)” means “be better (than others)”. it’s a literal translation. Simply put, it […]