Amusement arcade: Purikura (プリクラ)

By Yoshi, November 13, 2010

Let’s experience “amusement arcade” in Japan!
There are many arcades in Tokyo.
You can find some near your accommodation or
ask your hotel staff/young Japanese where a nice amusement arcade is.

where is a nice amusement arcade near here?
(dokoni oukina game-center ha arimasuka?)

Let’s play there!

Crane game!

Horse Racing Game!

Pachinko! (Not gambling at amusement arcade)

Music Video Game!

This is…. what?

And don’t forget photo booths named “Purikura”(プリクラ)!
Up-to-date “Purikura” is amazing!

These lights are like in a photo studio, isn’t it?

After taking a photo, design your picture on a computer.

We can see our faces with very chiseled features in picture taken by it.
Skin is more pale, eyes are bigger!!!
It’s like faces gorgeous models have or after plastic surgery?!

Many Japanese girls want to be pale and have chiseled features.
This “Prikura” is for them!

Just try “Purikura” for checking how your face is changed! :)