Fuji-yama Glass for Mt. Fuji and Beer lovers!

Mount Fuji (富士山 Fuji-san, Fuji-yama) is the highest mountain in Japan located in the border between “Shizuoka” prefecture and “Yamanashi” Prefecture. On clear day (especially in winner) we can see Mt.Fuji from Tokyo. Since no other high mountains are around Mt.fuji, Mt. Fuji shows off its beautiful shape (exceptionally symmetrical cone). The top is covered […]


Useful? Useless? Japanese Products

Do you like Japanese products? They are produced by industriousness of Japanese and supported by our mass consumer society :) We always try to find more comfortable products and life. That’s why that many new products are always produced. Some of them are very useful, but some are very useless and unique. Today I’ll introduce […]


Tokyo Fireworks 2011 and Senko hanabi

What is a fun in summer, in Japan? One is “Fireworks”! We call them “Hanabi” (はなび, 花火).       They color the night sky beautifully. Fireworks displays and events are held at many places in Japan. This summer, some fireworks have been canceled or postponed in consideration of the hardship of the Tohoku Earthquake […]

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Kotatsu: a unique electronic heater in Japan

Do you know “Kotatsu” (こたつ, 炬燵)? “Kotatsu” is a unique electronic heater in Japan.     It’s a low table with an electric heater attached to the underside. Japanese place it on a quilted mat and cover it with a blanket or quilt to keep the heat in. They then put a square board on […]


Nice Origami kits

I wrote about origami, the traditional Japanese folk paper art before. I found nice origami kits at a “Itoya” branch, Haneda International terminal.      One is “Airplane Origami “, the other is “Sushi boats Origami”. Each sheet has lines that we fold, therefore easy to make them!        “Airplane Origami” has advertising […]


New Vending Machines in Tokyo

You can see a lot of vending machines throughout Japan.   Drink     Icecream   Cigarettes * We need ID card called “Tasupo” to get cigarettes from vending machines.   So many vending machines, but I seldom see “sold out”. Great distribution system, isn’t it?   Canned coffee are popular in Japan.     […]


Things to do in December!

- Doing a big cleaning at home. Japanese people have a custom of doing a general year-end cleaning of both the inside and outside of their homes to greet the New Year.    – Writing new year’s cards called “Nengajo” (年賀状, ねんがじょう). It’s like your Christmas card. We believe “Oriental Zodia” called “eto” (えと, 干支) […]


Stylish 100 yen shops

Visiting Tokyo, please go by “100 yen shops”, one-coin shops. You might have similar shops in your country, but you could be surprised at the high quality of products sold in “100 yen shops”. Even I cannot understand why they can sell these good products for 100 yen.     “DAISO” is a leading company, […]


Cures for a hangover in Japan

We Japanese love “drinking at Izakaya” with friends/colleagues, called “Nomikai” (のみかい, 飲み会).     Especially, in December, most Japanese have many “year-end party” called “Bounenkai” (ぼうねんかい, 忘年会), and sometimes suffer from a hangover! XD How do we ease our hangover?   Miso soup! It is said that “Miso soup with cram” called “Shijimi” (しじみ, シジミ) […]


Ways to stay warm in winter

It’s getting colder in Tokyo, but we have good stuffs to stay warm in winter :)     The first one is “Hokkairo” (ほっかいろ, ホッカイロ), small pouch that contains hemicals that heat up when exposed to Oxygen in the air. “Hokkairo” is not expensive (less than 100 yen per packet) and provide up to 8~24 […]


A “Hit Product” in Japan for 2010

Most people eat rice as a staple food in Japan as I previously mentioned in the article “Onigiri“. Therefore we have many kind of dry condiments sprinkled on top of rice or mixed with rice, called “Furikake” (ふりかけ).       They are mixtures of dry fish/chicken, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt etc.. Each […]


Kappa-bashi kitchenware street vol.1: Find your favorite!

After visiting “Senso-ji” in Asakusa, how about going to Kappa-bashi kitchenware Street? Almost of all shops on the street, sell kitchenware & every kind of restaurant equipment imaginable. The nearest station is “Tawara-machi” on Subway Ginza Line (yellow line), next to Asakusa station. you can walk from Asakusa, 10 min. walk. I recommend going there […]


Amusement arcade: Purikura (プリクラ)

Let’s experience “amusement arcade” in Japan! There are many arcades in Tokyo. You can find some near your accommodation or ask your hotel staff/young Japanese where a nice amusement arcade is. where is a nice amusement arcade near here? どこに、大きなゲームセンターはありますか? (dokoni oukina game-center ha arimasuka?) Let’s play there! Crane game! Horse Racing Game! Pachinko! (Not […]


Love taking a bath Vol.2: Planetarium in bathroom.

In “Love taking a bath Vol.1: Onsen at home“, I introduced “Bath Powder”. This time, I’ll introduce one more product for taking a bath, my favorite one! This is “Planetarium in the bathroom”, a planetarium that paints the room with stars. We can enjoy night sky with taking a bath, like outdoor hot spring bath! […]


Love taking a bath Vol.1: Onsen at home.

Japanese love taking a bath. Why we like it? It’s said that… – We have a lot of “Onsen”(Hot springs), more than 25 thousands, throughout Japan. It’s an old custom that taking a bath (going to Onsen) for cure of disease, because it’s said that “Onsen” has benefits – good for our skin, cardiac illness, […]


Why “Tanuki” Raccoon Dog Figures?

We could see “Raccoon Dog” figures in front of some shops and houses in Japan. What are they for? They are a kind of charm. “Tanuki(たぬき)” has two meaning. one is “Japanese raccoon dog”, the other ( is short for “Ta wo nuku(たをぬく,他を抜く)” means “be better (than others)”. it’s a literal translation. Simply put, it […]


Night out in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Shinjuku is one of the most interesting places in the world at night. If what attracts you is the tempting night life in Tokyo, please walk around “Kabuki-cho” & “Omoide-yoko-cho” in Shinjuku:) You can have fun to just wander. Kabukicho – an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku. Kabukicho is the location of many host […]

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Great! Sushi Maker!!

To “Sushi” lovers, I have a good news today! Sushi is expensive even at Sushi boats, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you can make sushi by yourself! This is “Sushi Maker”, you can get it at 100 yen shops! Put Sashimi (raw fish) on the bottom, add rice and put the lid on and press it. […]


Welcome to electric stores!

If you are interested in electric appliances, visit electric stores!! One of big chain stores is “Yodobashi Camera”. In Shinjuku near the west entrance to the JR station, Yodobashi has several tall stores close together, also providing a wide selection of electronics. If you want to buy something, don’t worry. Nowadays, multilingual staff available. Amd […]