Love taking a bath Vol.1: Onsen at home.

By Yoshi, November 11, 2010

Japanese love taking a bath.
Why we like it?

It’s said that…
- We have a lot of “Onsen”(Hot springs), more than 25 thousands, throughout Japan. It’s an old custom that taking a bath (going to Onsen) for cure of disease, because it’s said that “Onsen” has benefits – good for our skin, cardiac illness, or gastrointestinal illness etc.

- In Buddhist beliefs, taking a bath is good to carry away our bad luck and attain good luck. Many temples made a bath at their temples for taking a bath before people and Buddhist monks play there.

Simply put, we, Japanese, become familiar with taking a bath since olden days.

Nowadays we have many products for taking a bath.
One of them is “bath powder”. You can see a lot of kind of bath powder at stores (mainly at drugstores).

I’ll introduce some.
This is “Onsen at home”. We can enjoy famous Onsen in Japan at home.
I cannot say these bath powders has benefits of “Onsen”, but we can enjoy the water’s color and smell.

Next is “fruits flavors with the capsaicin from chili peppers”.
The capsaicin warms the body and improves blood circulation.

The last one is for kids. I found them at 100 yen shop. I tried it today.

I Put the bath powder’s ball, the ball is soluble in water… oh one capsule is coming.

Oh it’s a toy of ship!!
It might be good for kids who dislike taking a bath :)