Gyudon: A keen competitive battle

By Yoshi, November 11, 2010

“Gyudon” is a Japanese dish that consists of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a sweet sauce flavored with soy sauce and mirin (rice wine).
Japanese man like “Gyudon” because it’s cheap, delicious, and they can get their oder quickly.

The largest “Gyudon” chains in Japan are Sukiya (すきや), Matsuya (まつや), and Yoshinoya (よしのや).
These chains are locked into a competitive battle.

Sukiya is the cheapest shop. A regular “Gyudon”‘s price is 280 yen. Sukiya gaines many customers because of the price and does well at work recently.

Masuya is popular because of many dishes on the menu. Not only “Gyudon” but also Japanese curry, hamburger steak etc. A regular Gyudon’s price is 320 yen.

Yoshinoya has been in business for over 100 years. Still popular, but recently loses customers because of other chains. the price is the highest, 380 yen. To reduce customer churn, Yoshnoya has a new dish, Gyunabedon. It’s similar to “Gyudon”. It’s 280 yen, same price as a regular “Gyudon” at Sukiya.

When you see these “Gyudon” chains and feel hungry, please try “Gyudon” once.
Enter the shop, buy a ticket at ticket-vending machine, take your seat, and give your ticket to staff.
the machine has pictures of dishes, so easy to oder dishes:)

And let me know which chain is your favorite.
This keen competitive battle will continue…. but good for customers!