Cures for a hangover in Japan

By Yoshi, November 27, 2010

We Japanese love “drinking at Izakaya” with friends/colleagues, called “Nomikai” (のみかい, 飲み会).

Especially, in December, most Japanese have many “year-end party” called “Bounenkai” (ぼうねんかい, 忘年会), and sometimes suffer from a hangover! XD

How do we ease our hangover?

Miso soup! It is said that “Miso soup with cram” called “Shijimi” (しじみ, シジミ) is the most effective.

“Udon” (うどん)/”Soba” (そば, 蕎麦)

Water is necessary to cure a hangover so that these soups are very effective.

A drink named “Ukon no chikara” (ウコンのチカラ), consisting of “turmeric” is very popular among people. It’s said that turmeric has a beneficial effect on the liver.

We can buy this drink at convenience stores or drugstores. It has hangover prevention as well. you can drink it before drinking.
After drinking a lot of “Sake”, try it!