“GUNDAM” still loved

By Yoshi, November 29, 2010

One day, I was enjoying “Izakaya” with friends.
Friends were talking about “GUMDAM”, series of animation. The first one was broadcasted on TV in 1979-1980. This series leaded to a boom of “Robot Anime”, a kind of animation in Japan.

My friends said they used to draw characters when they were children and they still can draw characters without looking at them.

Why don’t you draw them now?
They started drawing a character, “Zaku“.



Though my friends are not “Otaku”, their drawings are good, aren’t they? They were enjoying this animation on TV more than 20 years ago!

“GUNDAM” is still popular with many adults who were watching it on TV in childhood. And “GUNDAM” related products target adult (ex. mobiles, computers) are still sold.

And we have “Gundam cafe” in Akihabara.

“GUNDAM” is an old animation, but very important for Animation history in Japan and many Japanese still love it!