Kappa-bashi kitchenware street vol.1: Find your favorite!

By Yoshi, November 15, 2010

After visiting “Senso-ji” in Asakusa,
how about going to Kappa-bashi kitchenware Street?

Almost of all shops on the street, sell kitchenware & every kind of restaurant equipment imaginable.
The nearest station is “Tawara-machi” on Subway Ginza Line (yellow line), next to Asakusa station.
you can walk from Asakusa, 10 min. walk.

I recommend going there on weekdays because many shops close on weekends(especially on Sunday) & public holidays. Many shops hours are 09:00 to 17:00. Check the website for more details.

Ok! Start finding your favorite one!

Pots named “Nabe” (なべ,鍋) for Japanese winter dish & Chopsticks holder “Hashioki” (はしおき,箸置き)

Bottles and cups for Hot “Sake” (さけ,酒), Japanese rice wine!

A machine for “Taiyaki” (たいやき,たい焼き), a pan for making “Takoyaki” (たこやき)

Glasses named “Edo-kiriko” (えどきりこ), glass craft in Tokyo & Japanese brasier

If you love “Izakaya” (a type of Japanese drinking establishment),
how about getting “Chochin” (ちょうちん,提灯) and having a “Izakaya” house party?

Do you find your favorite? You can have fun to just wander.

I’ll introduce some shops that sell “fake food sample” on this street.
To be continued later!