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Kotatsu: a unique electronic heater in Japan

By Yoshi, January 18, 2011

Do you know “Kotatsu” (こたつ, 炬燵)?
“Kotatsu” is a unique electronic heater in Japan.

It’s a low table with an electric heater attached to the underside.
Japanese place it on a quilted mat and cover it with a blanket or quilt to keep the heat in. They then put a square board on top of it so that it can be used as a table.

Many people like “kotatsu” because they use far less energy than other heating devices. I love it, too! But I don’t use it at my house. Because “Kotatsu” makes people so lazy :)
Once we sit under the kotatsu, we cannot stop siting there, except going to bathroom and taking food or drinks from the refrigerator.

Siting under “Kotatsu”, we can eat foods, watch TV, and sometimes take a nap :)
ice cream or beer under “Kotasu” is awesome!

And sometimes we sleep under “Kotasu” all night inadvertently, we feel very thirsty next morning.

Please try this too attractive electronic heater “Kotatsu” :)