Kanpai!: Cheers at Asahi Beer headquarters

By Yoshi, November 21, 2010

At the end of the day you visit Asakusa, walk along “Sumida” river.
There is a park along the river, a good place to relax.


You can see “Sky Tree”, a tower like “Tokyo Tower”, on the other side of the river. It’s under construction, and will be completed by 2012, and twice higher than “Tokyo Tower”, 634 meters in height with 2 observatories. I’m sure it will be a new sight-seeing spot.
And you can see these buildings.
what do you think the gold building look like?

It’s…. “Beer”!
Can you see the top of the building expresses “beer foam”?
These buildings are “Asahi Beer” headquarters. The black one has a object named “Fire”, designed by Philippe Starck. It’s said that it expresses “Asahi Beer”‘s esprit.

What do you say to fresh draft beer there?
There is a beer lounge, “Sky Room” on 22nd floor of the gold one. We can enjoy fresh beer with great view! Of course, we can see “Sky tree”. It’s one of my favorite place in Tokyo. Can you keep this place secret from others? haha ;)


“Kanpai” (かんぱい, 乾杯), cheers at Asahi beer headquarters!!