New year Sale & lucky bags in Japan!

By Yoshi, January 3, 2011

If you are a shopping lover, don’t miss “New year sale” in japan.
Almost of all department stores and shopping malls start it from 2nd or 3rd of the the new year.


Sale 20-50% off! Great chance for shopping!!

But if you hate “crowded”, I recommend not to go to sales on the first day.
If we go to sales on the first day, we need to wait in a looong checkout line…


In Japan, many department stores and stores release “lucky bags” in the New Year season. It is called “Fukubukuro” (ふくぶくろ, 福袋). A lucky bag is a set of various mystery articles. Altogether, a bag’s contents are usually worth several times more than its actual price! Some department stores offer travel or a house for it!


I’ve never tried it before, but if you have the brand you really love, it might be good to try it.

And recently some shops sell lucky bags we can see the inside.

Is it also a lucky bag? but good on us!

Lucky bags at electric stores are likely to be sold out.
Blu-ray DVD recorders & flat TVs were very popular in this year.
We need to get them with a lucky bag?! Anyway, interesting sales!

Enjoy new year sales and lucky bags!