Sugamo: “Harajuku of the old ladies”

By Yoshi, November 23, 2010

Visiting “Rikugien“, stop by Sugamo jizo-dori (すがもじぞうどおり, 巣鴨地蔵通り).

This street is located near “Sugamo” station, JR Yamanote Line. (you can walk to “Rikugien” from this station as well.)
This street is one of the most famous streets in Tokyo, especially popular with the old generation. it is said this street is the “Harajuku of the old ladies”!

The reason why this street is so popular with the old generation is “Kougan-ji, Togenuki-jizo-son” (高岩寺 とげぬき地蔵尊) located in the middle of this street. You can see a long queue inside the temple grounds, in front of a statue of the Goddess of Kannon (洗い観音).


It is said that if we pour water into the body and wipe it with a towel, we will become well. I mean if the person who have a backache, pour water into the back of the statue and wipe the back with a towel, the backachethe will be gone away.
To put it simply, many old people visit here and pray for health and a long life.

There are many shops on the street, food, clothes….

I found this shop. All stuffs in this shop are red!!
“Red underwear” is a fashion must-have item for the old ladies?!

On the shop’s web, It’s written that red wear makes us more energetic and kind of charm for long life… I’m not sure they have effects, but it’s so good that the old people are very active!