Manga cafe

By Yoshi, December 23, 2010

“Manga cafe” is a kind of cafe in Japan, a comic cafe.
it’s called “Manga-kissa” (マンガきっさ, マンガ喫茶 ) or “Man kitsu” (マンきつ, 漫喫), short for Kissaten witch mean cafe. Customers can read as many comics as they like.

Customers pay for the time they stay in the cafe. Most manga cafe also provide the internet.

Some cafes partition rooms into small spaces . Each space has a char, Tv, Pc.


We can choose a seat from flat, chair type massager etc.

All you can drink vending machine (200 yen for 2 hours or free)

We can order food at our space.

For an hour stay, the cost is generally about 400 yen. Some manga cafés offer a service where one can rest for the night and have showers.
Japanese use “Manga cafe” often when they miss their last train.
Actually much cheaper than staying at hotels or taking a taxi.
Less than 1500 yen for 8 hours, how cheap, isn’t it?
How about staying overnight in a “Manga cafe”?